• Tools for injection moulding process of plastic products.
We manufacture top-quality and complex moulds for injection moulding of all types of polymers. Our comprehensive solutions include the mould concept, design and manufacturing, followed by the mould maintenance during the use phase – at your premises or at our factory.
Our company offers you full engineering services during all phases of product development and mould manufacturing, from preliminary consultations about the product appearance and functionalities, development, design and modifications prior to mould manufacturing, first tests with the manufactured mould, and the optimization of injection moulding process for your mould. We use SolidWorks, Catia and MasterCam software suites for the 3D-design.
Most of our moulds fit into the following groups:
-multi-component injection moulds for overmoulding or insert moulding,
-moulds for products requiring a high visual quality,
-technically demanding moulds with complex mechanical drive solutions,
-moulds for injection moulding of polymers that are difficult to process.
We are constantly expanding and upgrading our pool of machine tools and are capable of manufacturing moulds up to 1200x1000 mm in size and weighing up to 5 tonnes. In 2018, we are relocating our tool shop to further expand our manufacturing capacities.
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