Quality policy
Our vision is to become an acclaimed supplier of complex moulds for plastics processing on the European market, as well as to offer our customers the production of plastic products. In the long term, we plan to continue improving the effectiveness of our quality management system in order to keep and expand our customer base, fulfilling their requirements through a high quality of our services and products and meeting the agreed deadlines. By taking advantage of our comprehensive and complex approach to projects, our customers will be able to cut costs, since they will be relieved from searching for multiple suppliers.

Our strategy towards these goals is based on:
-well-organized and autonomous staff, who is loyal to the company,
-well acquainted with our 
quality policy and continuously educating to upgrade their know-how,
machinery with environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technological processes,
-employing only top-quality components, services and materials from renowned suppliers,
-and through a process of continual improvements of our quality management system.

Our quality management strategy binds us to continuously monitor and ensure customer satisfaction, thereby contributing to the economic success on the local and wider level. Our quality policy is regularly reviewed and aligned with the development of our company as necessary.
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